Fresh from the KrackerNuttz lab!  The "Members Only" 
mix series features the KrackerNuttz djs with a bi-monthly mix.
Each mix features 2 djs.  Pairing up the members like a tag team
wrestling match.  Enjoy, share, leave feedback. 
Let us know what you do & don't like.

This is the mix with from my 3rd guest appearence on the 
have the interview.  Straight music through and through.

Every Saturday morning about 60 people meet up at Body By Frame for the free public work out.  This is a live recording from Frame.  It is a small look into the early morning workout.

Visit Body By Frame at www.bodybyframe.com

A mix colaboration with a long time friend Dj. La D Da.  Cool ass dude, Awesome dj.  Both him and I flex our muscles not only in the mix but also in our music knowledge.  I'm sure you will enjoy it.

Ah yes....  A Valentines Day mix for 2012.  Mike Swing and I are known for doing corky, funny mixes with a eye for detail.  This mix is no exception.  R&B to the fullest.  "Fukin 2012" marks the begining a of mix tape series we will be revoting every year from now on.  You can all way expect it to drop February 1rst.  From Outkast & Jodeci to Keith Sweat & Trina Broussard.  It's a mix created to get us all in the mood.

As a long time friend and dj.  Baby Jae was not only a fellow Krackernuttz crew member but a person I really relate to as far as dj style.  We came up with a idea of a Protege vs Baby mixtape.  What we ended up with was a very well produced mix.  All consume track & scratching with no gimmicks.  This mix, is the Krackernuttz at our best.

This is a live 1 hour mix recorded during a night at Hanger Lounge.  I was really happy with the over all sound and style of the mix.  The night was a blast to say the least.

"How To Multi-Task" was a idea I came up with based on me doing everything.  Remixes, Mash Up, Art Work & djing the mix.  
It took a while to complete cause I had never taken on a task as big as this.  The production alone was months.  I didn't want just any old BS remix/mash up on my mix.  I wanted them to be fun, catchy & intelligent.  Most importantly well produced.  
Next was djing the mix. Same attention tho detail went into it.  All though the mix only took a day or two. 
Finally the art work.  Simple, clean & straight to the point.
End result.....  A mix I'm damn proud of and can tell you there is no mix anything like it.  I hope you enjoy it as much as I do.

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